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Advance Diploma in Computer Application (Course Code - DIICE08) is a one year course consisting of two semesters for students of standard 12th. For further details read the details below.

First Semester

Fundamental Of Computer, Microsoft Windows OS, MS-Office, MS-word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-excel, MS-Access, Internet, Requirement for Internet, Installation of Modem and its configuration, Connection Creation, Connecting Internet Through Mobile, Runing Internet on LAN, Internet Surfing, Email, Chatting On Net, Online Railway Ticket, Searching Job, Downloading/Uploading, Online Banking and Online Form Submission.

Second Semester

Introduction to the Component Required for PC, Different Parts of motherboard, Assembling PC, Introduction to different file system and its competiblity with OS, Basic Concept of BIOS, Partitioning a disk, Disk formatting, Software Installation.Operation SystemWindows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, Application Software Languages, Packages, Database and Other Utilities, Driver’s Setup Bluetooth, Printer, VGA and Sound, Networking (LAN) and Many More. Creation of Windows Based Network Types of Network, Different Topologies, Models of Network, Network Components, Network Configuration, Network Cable Creation, Drive, Folder and Printer Sharing, Chatting On Network, Connecting Computers having different OS, Remote Administration on Network and Wireless Network Creation. Computer to Mobile Downloading. Different CD Writing Techniques with Troubleshooting. Common Problems of Computer and it's Solution. Other Tips and Tricks. Virus Detection and Maintenance.


  • Course Name : ADCA (Advance Diploma in Computer Application)
  • Course Code : DIICE08
  • Course Durations: 1 Year (TWO Semsters)
  • Course Eligiblity : Standard 12th
  • Course Fee : ₹ 11,999